The Process

Since 2018 Velorim Ltd has been researching recycling methodologies to find the most appropriate for the bicycle tyres and inner tubes.

Bicycle tyres are shredded and granulated to separate them into their constituent: rubber, steel and fibre. Each of these have their own recovery destinations including safety flooring, construction and insulation. The most exciting output is that the rubber will be reprocessed into viable new raw materials known as Velo-Butylene™ and Velo-SBR™, both of which can be used to manufacture new products.

Apart from the above reprocessing routes, Velorim have ongoing R&D to identify new ways to safely reprocess every component of bicycle tyres and inner tubes. These multiple routes ensure safe and ecological recycling of scrap bicycle rubber to ensure:

  • Zero Dumped in Landfill
    We believe that too much material is mindlessly discarded into landfill across the world. The cycle trade has historically used this as the main end-of-life for its rubber products. We consider it our mission to bring this to an end. We may divert some material to alternative land covering uses such as safety surfaces, but never to landfill.
  • Zero Dumped Overseas
    Moving waste into the developing world, just to pretend that it isn’t our problem cannot be right, especially for rubber products. We know that automotive tyres are routinely shipped there to be used as cheap fuel often releasing toxic fumes as they are burned. We will have no part in this trade. We may export material for quality-controlled reprocessing or conversion into new products but only if we are able to monitor exactly what is happening and assure ourselves that no material is being dumped.
  • Zero Carbon Released
    Whilst using scrap automotive tyres in industrial cement kilns might be a valid and popular end-of-life for them, we believe that bicycle rubber ought not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. We feel sure that most environmentally conscious cyclists would agree. This means that we shall not use this disposal method even if available locally, unless it can be demonstrated that an effective carbon-capture system is in place.

To ensure you know that we are keeping these promises, we have appointed an independent environmental assessor who will produce a report every quarter detailing our progress to date and our level of compliance with the above statement. Please contact us if you would like to receive a copy of this report each time it is produced.

Velorim, making cycling green